Cloud Services enter the Endpoint Security Realm!

Cloud Services enter the Endpoint Security Realm!

Managed Anti-Virus and Endpoint Security is definitely a cloud service in high demand. Very few cloud providers are offering this type of service and even fewer Anti-Virus and Endpoint Security vendors are developing security suites focusing on cloud managed services.

AUS-IP Services have taken the leap into managed security solutions and spent a lot of time on software research and development, investigating Anti-Virus products that fit the scope of managed cloud services. SecurAV is the end result of AUS-IP’s extensive product development and testing for a comprehensive endpoint security solution.

The main criteria for a managed service is:

  • secure multi-tenancy
  • a simple user management console
  • simple user deployment
  • centralised software updates
  • centralised client policies and configuration
  • comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • lower Total Cost of Ownership for the end user

Taking into consideration the above criteria and after rigorous software testing, AUS-IP have proudly partnered with Symantec, to offer a revolutionary Cloud Managed Anti-Virus and Security Solution for business computing environments. The new service, named SecurAV, offers protection for Desktops, Laptops, Servers and Virtualised environments.

The SecurAV service, backed by Symantec Endpoint Security Solutions, not only supports the latest operating systems, it also supports the latest in server technologies and comprehensively protects against endpoint security threats.

SecurAV reduces IT security management costs and simplifies the protection of endpoints with centralised policy management, centralised update deployment, comprehensive security reporting, customisable policies, security risk notifications and security performance notifications.

Managed AntiVirus and Security Services

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